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Our beers are can-conditioned and are a living product.

Store cold. Pour into a glass. Drink fresh.

We aim to stock a few of our core beers but will emphasise Experimental Series going forward. View our Shop page to see live stock.



A reimagined classic English brown ale. Rich and malty, just like my grandad expects. Generates a thick & creamy head when mature.

Molecule: maltol 



Belgian wheat beer infused with two types of orange peel, coriander and chamomile. 

Molecules: apigenin and D-limonene



Easy drinker. Focuses on the crosstalk between hops & malt.

The current version has a moderate dry hop and a dark roasted malt profile. 


Molecule: caryophyllene 



Classic German wheat beer - a.k.a hefeweizen. Fermentation character produces notes of banana and clove.

Molecules: isoamyl acetate and 2-methoxy-4-vinylphenol



An appreciation for zingy, zesty citrus.


With each batch there is experimentation with ratios of the peels and juice from grapefruit, orange, lemon & lime. A clean lager yeast fermentation helps the citrus shine through.

Molecule: grapefruit mercaptan

Beer: Beer


Experimental one-off batches brewed outside the confines of traditional recipes.


"The Gunpowder Plot"

Batch code: Gun

ABV: 4.0%

A gunpowder green tea-infused cold saison. The recipe was inspired by a colleague whose experience in analytical chemistry has included measuring tea polyphenols, such as the health-promoting flavanoids known as 'catechins', which are extracted when you 'brew' a tea. He was involved in the release of a tea-infused beer from a certain large US brewery several years back, learning some interesting lessons on the effect of polyphenols on haze stability.


This brew is also themed alongside Japanese genmaicha, which combines roasted puffed rice and green tea. We spent a long time dry-roasting rice crispies on the cast iron! 

The beer is light, slightly fruity, slightly earthy and is coaxed along with a modest EKG, Fuggles and Möst dry hop.


"Nut Nut"

Batch code: NN

ABV: 7.1%

A roasted hazlenut and peanut porter. Making this silky & decadent brew, we also included some lactose and cacao for a milk chocolate theme. We roasted a tray's worth of hazlenuts and peanuts and included them in the mash . . . . (Allergen warning - actually contains nuts!).


This brew was conceived by Rachel who wanted something similar to a peanut milk chocolate stout we tried on our travels in California. Truth be told, this brew was meant to be a stout, but the colour came out a little shy! tomayto - tomarto! 


"Spring into Saison"

Batch code: Rosé

ABV: 4.7%

I wanted to make a brew that has some of the qualities I love in a good glass of white or rosé. The base of the beer is our cold-fermented saison, which I have been tweaking the past couple years. It makes for a wonderful clean canvas to layer in addition flavours. Enigma hop was layered in at several points during the brewing process. This hop has an amazing Pinot Grigio profile. The batch was initially coloured a pink hue from hibiscus, which brings a subtle tartness, but after conditioning, it seems some of the pigments have attached to yeast cells and dropped down as sediment! An interesting lesson for next time.

View the Brew Legacy page to see previous Experimental Series releases.



A warming release for the festive season and the dreary months of late Winter. Six spices and extra orange peels are combined with a slightly darker version of our Witbier recipe. Improving with age, savour this brew around the fire in Winter. 

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