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Biochemist Brewery ciders are bright, sharp and very refreshing. Some finish dry with high carbonation, becoming the apple cousin of a Brut Champagne. Others are only slightly effervescent, allowing green apple aromas and flavour to dominate.

When you buy our cider, you are sampling a unique snapshot in time, unlikely to ever be repeated. This is because we rely on the seasonal availability of apples in the local area which varies year-on-year. Every autumn, we scramble to collect and juice as many apples as possible. If you have surplus apples or pears in our area, or any other fruits, we'd love to hear from you! 

A batch made exclusively with apples from Red Lodge in 2020 was conditioned for almost 2 years and released in 2022. The batch represented memories of old, playing 'apple wars' on the local heath with friends. In 2021, we upgraded from a kitchen masticating juicer to a scratter & press and made our first wild-fermented batch with Laxton apples. We continue with a Laxton single varietal in 2022 so keep an eye out for a very limited stock on our online shop in late 2022 and throughout 2023. We give the cider the time it needs to mellow and develop depth of flavour. 

Our ciders may not always appear at market events because the batches are very small - most of the stock will go private orders in our area. 

Like our beers, all of our ciders are unfiltered, unfined, unpasteurised and vegan-friendly.

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On the hunt for crabs!

Rachel and I took a bike-ride in October, on the lookout for wild crabs and eaters. 

The bold, tannic and astringent juice of some crab varieties is perfect for blending with the juice of eating and cooking apples.

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