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"The Gunpowder Plot"

Batch code: Gun

ABV: 4.0%

A gunpowder green tea-infused cold saison. The recipe was inspired by a colleague whose experience in analytical chemistry has included measuring tea polyphenols, such as the health-promoting flavanoids known as 'catechins', which are extracted when you 'brew' a tea. He was involved in the release of a tea-infused beer from a certain large US brewery several years back, learning some interesting lessons on the effect of polyphenols on haze stability.


This brew is also themed alongside Japanese genaicha, which combines roasted puffed rice and green tea. We spent a long time dry-roasting rice crispies on the cast iron! 

The beer is light, slightly fruity, slightly earthy and is coaxed along with a modest EKG, Fuggles and Möst dry hop.


Experimental Series are one-off batches brewed outside the confines of traditional recipes.  


We ship in two sizes - 12 and 24 packs. Please select your brews and ensure the total order is in a multiple of 12.

3x Experimental Series - The Gunpowder Plot 4.0%

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