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"Spring into Saison"

Batch code: Rosé

ABV: 4.7%


I wanted to make a brew that has some of the qualities I love in a good glass of white or rosé. The base of the beer is our cold-fermented saison, which I have been tweaking the past couple years. It makes for a wonderful clean canvas to layer in addition flavours. Enigma hop was layered in at several points during the brewing process. This hop has an amazing Pinot Grigio profile. The batch was initially coloured a pink hue from hibiscus, which brings a subtle tartness, but after conditioning, it seems some of the pigments have attached to yeast cells and dropped down as sediment! An interesting lesson for next time.


Experimental Series are one-off batches brewed outside the confines of traditional recipes.  


We ship in two sizes - 12 and 24 packs. Please select your brews and ensure the total order is in a multiple of 12.

3x Experimental Series - Spring into Saison 4.7%

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