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Batch code: RHU

ABV: 5.0


This kind of crossover has been a long time coming! This is an apple & rhubarb hybrid style beer. S-189 lager yeast keeps the fruit contributions clean & crisp. 20% v/v of the recipe was apple juice. A few few crystal malts were included to balance out the dryness from the apple juice fermenting dry. I've learned that harvesting rhubarb from the garden at optimal ripeness is a bit of an art form - mature stems do not make tasty juice! 


Experimental Series are one-off batches brewed outside the confines of traditional recipes.  


We ship in two sizes - 12 and 24 packs. Please select your brews and ensure the total order is in a multiple of 12.

3x Experimental Series - Rhubapple 5.0%

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