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Batch code: Zing

ABV: 4.5%

Botanical infusions: ginger, lime and lemongrass

A saison married perfectly with subtle infusions of ginger, lime and lemongrass. Inspired by recent Thai dining, Rachel and I thought why not create a beer that would match the culinary delights of vibrant Thai cooking!

‘Zingerone’ is a major flavour component of cooked ginger, while ‘gingerol’ is the major fiery heat component from fresh, uncooked ginger. We infused ginger on the hot and cold side, so there are infusions of both compounds.

The acidity from lime partners well with the typical ‘funk’ from a saison fermentation. On our buds, a low-level warmth of ginger is present all the way through while lemongrass is most detectable on the nose and on the finish.


Experimental Series are one-off batches brewed outside the confines of traditional recipes.  


We ship in two sizes - 12 and 24 packs. Please select your brews and ensure the total order is in a multiple of 12.

3 x Experimental Series - Zingerone 4.5%

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