My ciders are bright, sharp and very refreshing. Most finish dry with high carbonation, becoming the apple cousin of a Brut Champagne.

An eclectic range of sparkling ciders will be released throughout 2021. Patience is key. It takes several months to condition and mellow inside the bottle. This page will be updated as stock becomes available.   

Current releases for 2021:
- 2020 Cider batches
- 2020 Pear cider blend
- Blueberry Cider (berries picked from Fairgreen Farms, Norfolk)
- Cloudy Colada (pineapple & coconut)
- Peach and Chamomile


On the hunt for crabs!

Rachel and I took a bike-ride in October, stocking up while we could.

If you're local and have surplus fruit from your garden I'd love to hear from you! Crab apples are especially useful to blend with juice from ordinary eating apples. 


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