During the first lockdown of the COVID-19 pandemic I decided to do something I had been dreaming about since my days at university. Out of work and with plenty of free time on my hands, I emptied the garage of our useless junk and converted it into the ultimate refuge - a nano-scale fermentary for brewing beer and cider. With generous help from family, family friends and some unexpected enthusiasm from my wife, the transformation was complete by summer of 2020.


My interest in brewing began while covering fermentation modules in my BSc Biochemistry and MSc Biotechnology syllabi. While working on a PhD in Plant Biochemistry, I began experimenting with home brews. After two years of post-doctoral research and two years with a global biotech company, I now work as a Protein Scientist for an exciting start-up in Cambridge. My scientific background has nurtured my approach to brewing and I am continuously fascinated by the plants and microbes that enrich our lives.


My beer and cider are produced in very small batches – typically 60 litres for beer and anywhere between 20 and 100 litres for cider. I take advantage of the small scale of operation to trial and tweak recipes. While my range of beer will feature recurrent brews, many of my ciders rely on seasonal availability of apples, and I embrace the exciting year-on-year variation that this entails. When you buy my cider, you are sampling a unique snapshot in time, unlikely to ever be repeated.



Up and running!